The Swans

These are some of the brave people who have sent us their stories, and how life has helped them discover the swan within. Congrats to all of them for winning the Swan Badge!

Click on each image to read them!

gabbi-duckling-story             gabbi-duckling-story

alyson-duckling-story                          natalie-duckling-story

rebecca-duckling-story                          emma-duckling-story

ellie-duckling-story        diana-duckling-story

dana-duckling-story                          grace-duckling-story

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7 thoughts on “The Swans

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  3. You’re all so beautiful people. I just discovered your site, and I already feel elated by all the love that pulses through it. Keep going !
    (I apologize for any mistake, english is not my birth language !)

    • Hi MiniRegal. Thank you for your beautiful comment. I understood everything by the way (English is not my mother tongue either). I just wanted to ask you a huge favor which is: if you think this page is worth sharing with people who might need help, encouragement, I hope you can do it! All the best.

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