DUCKLING. noun [duhk-ling], plural duck·lings: a young duck in the process of becoming the beautiful swan they were meant to be.

There are many people who have helped make this initiative possible, and we have our fingers-crossed that many there are more to come.

Calling all Ugly Ducklings… we want to hear from you!

Part of our idea in this initiative is to create a place where uniqueness is embraced and everyone has a chance to share their journeys so far.  We want to hear your stories and feedback. We want to know what makes YOU an Ugly Duckling.

Please email stories to, or feel free to leave a comment below. We will be creating posts featuring The Ugly Ducklings on a regular basis. Feel free to include photos that are relevant to your story.

We look forward to hearing from you!

For the time being, we want to include a gallery of the #Original10. These are the girls who helped get this project off the ground!

The Original10

Here are the 10 brave people that got recruited for this first batch of shirts. And, a huge shout out to Sarah (PhoenixHeart815) who coined the name of Operation Turducken. You rock!

        Ribbet collage10Ribbet collage;klfj


12 thoughts on “Ducklings

  1. Its that that I would tell my uglyduckling story, but the thing is that im still going through it. It is not over im still not a swan and it has been a long journey, pretty much all my life. And i dont know will i ever be a swan. This is me now. I have grown into it. I am an Ugly Duckling.

    • Hanna, hello! I sent you an e-mail some days ago that I hopey ou received. Let us know when you can get back to us. Sending you love! <3

  2. I just wanted to send a quick note to say that one of the original10 gave an inspiring speech about this project in our 3U English class. I was intrigued enough to check it out and I’m very impressed by your website and the values that your group aspires to spread! Great initiative – I look forward to continuing to visit the site!

    • Hi Jacklyn. I’m Marie. One of the co-founders. Thank you very much for your comment and for taking some of your time to come and visit us. We also want to encourage you, if it is ok, to tell your friends (your students, perhaps?) to come to this website if they ever need any help or if they want to share their stories/art with us.

      We want to make this a place where everyone feels better about themselves. Thank you once again!

    • Thank you so much. If you want to share your story with us, when you’ve felt like an Ugly Duckling, please, don’t hesitate to share it (we’ll share it anonymously, of course). Much love!

  3. Hello!! So I think this Idea it is great!!! You should put the first #theuglyducklings tweet!! As I said great thing doing this community gathering!!!

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