We are currently working on bringing BRAND NEW producks to you lovely Ugly Ducklings! Check back soon for an updated produck list!

These are some of the producks we have launched so far!


T-shirt Ugly Ducklings Inc

Be sure to check this page in the coming days to know which will be our new designs!


7 thoughts on “Producks

  1. Wow it is such a nice thing u are doing!!! So glad to be part of #theugluducklings fans.. Felicidades de verdad Linda pagina va a Mis favoritos!!,

  2. As soon as I read the tweets about The Ugly Ducklings, posted by Jennifer, and what it entails, I knew that I wanted to be a part of that amazing group of people. It’s exactly as you say, it’s an important message, that is all so needed in today’s society. Every individual is beautiful and valuable, no one excluded. It is that little push that some need, to be able to realize that they are truly beautiful and worthy, just by being oneself. That there is no need to act differently, only because you don’t fit into the ”ideal profile” that is outlined by the loud mouthed people in society. To be able to support and spread that message, and to be part of the beautiful Ugly Ducklings, makes me proud.

    Really love the initiative and I admire all the effort you girls put into the project! :)

    The design of the t-shirt looks beautiful, really nice how it shows the transformation from duck to a beautiful swan. I would love to order the t-shirt, but as you also say yourself, international shipping is very expensive. I hope you can find a cheaper alternative, and when you do, I’ll definitely place an order! :) Good luck with everything!

    Life is beautiful, embrace it!

    xxx Maaike – Proud Ugly Duckling

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