Operation Turducken is…


A logo turned into a t-shirt that got this initiative off the ground!

Ever since Jennifer Morrison labelled her followers “The Ugly Ducklings”, Marie (founder of Ugly Ducklings Inc) started thinking of the best logo to represent us.  This is the final result.

Ugly Ducklings Logo SmallWe decided to make shirts with the logo in front and the explanation of the movement on the back, but we needed a minimum order to make this possible.  The #Original10 decided to help us out with that, ordering the first 10 shirts made for this venture!

huge shout out and thanks to all of you.  We legitimately could not have gotten this started without you!  THANK YOU! You can follow them on Twitter!

@loganveronica_@OnceUponAnEllie@marvelgirl83 & @allieoop07!

Go to producks to get yours…


4 thoughts on “Operation Turducken is…

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