BEVY. noun (bev-ee), plural bev·ies: a group of birds, as swans or larks.

We present to you the wonderful communities that are part of our family or that we really love. You can join us in supporting them!


Mental Fitness Inc. is a non-profit organization that wants to educate about mental health and mindfulness in kids. A portion of our profits from our producks go to this organization and both our co-founders also work for Mental Fitness Inc. We also support their blog The Real Deal. Click here to find out more about our involvement with their organization.


bullies keep out bannerAn excellent website with forums, inspirational quotes, resources, and helping guides to anyone who is suffering bullying at some point, as well as offering help to parents and teachers. We recently were guests on a podcast for BKO!  Check them out!

Bullies Keep Out logo

the-manifest-station-bannerThe Manifest Station is an amazing blog belonging to Jennifer Pastiloff; Jennifer is a writer yoga-retreat leader who we’ve been in contact with since the beginning of Ugly Ducklings Inc.  We love her and we love that her blog offers people a safe space for their words.  The journeys shared on this blog are truly inspiring.


arielle lee bair bannerA wonderful empowering licensed mental health professional (MSW, LSW), and speaker. Arielle recovered from an Eating Disorder and is now helping others overcome it and leave it behind. She posts daily tweets with inspiring quotes, and videos with poems and advice on how you can fight your eating disorder. Click here to learn more about Arielle
once podcast banneronce-i_listen-125x125This is another great website about the show Once Upon a Time. Their weekly podcasts (featuring our Co-Founder, Erin as a co-host) talking about theories, previous episodes, and spoilers is the best there is; however, they couldn’t pronounce Ugly Ducklings Inc correctly! Join them and find out more here.


confessions-imperfect-life-bannerThis blog, by Katie Devine, is incredibly inspirational.  We featured a few of Katie’s blogs in our blog series for Eating Disorder Awareness Week but every blog she posts is definitely worth reading, especially if you’re an ugly duckling.  Her blog The Changing of a Life is the first one we read, so we recommend that to start you off!


kati-morton-banner(1)LogosocialbuddykatiKati Morton is a Marriage and Family Therapist Intern who has a fully-loaded youtube channel filled with videos that offer professional information, answers to questions and feature specific topics regarding mental and physical health and well-being.  Her website also offers a free online support community.  Check out her videos (you can search for a specific topic) and her website.


Charming's Angels bannerCharming’s Angels is the community of Josh Dallas fans. They are also avid viewers of the show that inspired Ugly Ducklings Inc: Once Upon a Time. If you’d like to belong to a loving group of people, this is the right place. Click here to head over there.


vasavi-kumar-bannerVasavi Kumar is the person that can help you on your way to freedom and confidence. If you feel trapped, and want to do something better with your life, and aspire to great things, she’ll lead you.

Vasavi Kumar logo


If you see that something is missing, or would like to make part of this list please email us and let us know:

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