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Women who inspire

Check out our second blog series “Women Who Inspire” in honour of Women’s History Month!  We had several different contributors and we are really excited to share this with you:

 Women’s History Month
A Woman Who Inspires Shari
A Woman Who Inspires Mariah
Women Who Inspire Allanah
Joss Whedan’s Speech, Thursday Inspiration
A Woman Who Inspires Simone
A Woman Who Inspires Jenn
Women Who Inspire Ugly Ducklings Inc. & Beyond


February 23rd, 2014 kicked off this year’s Eating Disorder Awareness Week. Check out our Eating Disorder Awareness Week blog series, featuring excerpts from some incredible and inspiring voices.  For this series, we featured a different blog or piece every day of the week.  A big thank you to all those who let us feature their pieces.  See the full list below to check out the blogs!

Eating Disorder Awareness Week
Robyn Cruze – “I had no idea”
Caroline Rothstein – “I am not fat”
NEDA – Eating Disorder Quiz
Jennifer Pastiloff – “From starving myself to loving myself”
Matt Westel – “Rethinking everything”
Katie Devine – “A letter of closure”


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