Ugly Ducklings Inc featured on I Am That Girl

UDI featured on I am that girl

We have been interviewed for I Am That Girl. Check it out! Ugly Ducklings Inc is becoming more popular :) Continue reading


Interview with singer, songwriter Kerrie Roberts

Sitting ducks with Kerrie Roberts

We sat down with Christian singer songwriter Kerrie Roberts a few nights ago and had the honor of sharing some of our time with this amazing artist.

Today she released her new single Come Back to Life and we actually dedicated part of our conversation to this beautiful, touching song. Also, keep reading because we are launching a new QuackNTest today!

We started with our already famous Swan Revealed questions:

We then moved on to talking about What Are You Afraid Of? and Come Back to Life, and we addressed the issue of suicide prevention and how important it is to keep talking about it and working towards stopping it. 

And in the last part of our chat, Kerrie confessed what has been the “Ugly Duckling story” behind her life story, telling us which have been the obstacles she’s faced and overcome in her career, as well as answering some of your questions!

Let us know in the comments below which was your favorite part of the interview, and don’t forget to participate on our latest QuackNTest!!

What are you afraid of? QuackNTest

In honour of our interview with Kerrie Roberts, we wanted to post a question to you all, dear ugly ducklings. What are YOU afraid of?

And better yet… what are you doing to overcome that fear?

Write us to let us… be creative! We want to know what you do to overcome fear – who inspires it? What steps do you take?

Send us your entries by May 4th! And here’s the best part… Kerrie is going to pick the winner!

Please limit your entries to 500 words (+ any visual aids you’d like to use!). Send it to, and let us know if we can blog them!

Prize:Kerrie Prize Pack, including her CD Time for the Show

Thank you Kerrie for your time.

Keep spreading love Ugly Ducklings

Our Interview with Vasavi Kumar

Earlier this week, Marie & I had the chance to interview Vasavi Kumar… educated and certificate Life Coach who co-authored a best-selling book and has her own television segment. We were so excited for the chance to talk to Vasavi about confidence. Check out the interview and be sure to connect with Vasavi through her website