Ugly Ducklings Inc is ready for 2015

Ugly Ducklings Inc is ready for 2015 Hi Ugly Ducklings! And Happy 2015! We dearly hope you enjoyed the holidays and are now ready to have fun, enjoy, and be surprised by wonderful things that this year will bring. We have a great announcement that we’ll make very soon, and for now, we just wanted to give you a heads up.

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Don’t lose sight of the ducklings on social networks because they will be explaining the first big thing that we have prepared for you for this new year. HOWEVER, since you’re reading this, we’ll tell you the secret (but shhhh!!):

  • We’ll launch our new t-shirt designs very soon
  • We will hold our second charity raffle!
  • We have prize packs you won’t believe (and they all contain something signed by actress Jennifer Morrison)
  • We will also have some more goodies and producks you can get to help us support Mental Fitness Inc.
  • We’ll be working alongside Sanah Jivani again for this upcoming Natural Day!!

You can tweet at the ducklings here, and like us on Facebook, too! Besides that, we are looking forward to starting our new series of blog posts with topics that will inspire, encourage, and help others to become who they really want to be. Can’t really tell you more than that!! Just keep your eyes open for what’s coming!


We have two winners!

 the winners of the charmers' and ducklings' prize packs draw

Hi Charmers, Ducklings, Evil Regals, Rumbelles, and everyone else from the Once Upon a Time fandom, as well as all our Ugly Ducklings!

Our donation campaign came to a close some days ago and here are the final winners of the amazing prize packs we got to put together thanks to the generosity, kindness, and efforts of many people, including Jennifer Morrison and Josh Dallas.

We had the amazing opportunity of doing something good for others, and we didn’t want to miss it.

Also, HUGE THANKS (really…HUGE) to the people who donated for one of the Once Upon a Time Expo buttons. Thanks to you, we made it to our $600 goal.

To Amber and Ashley, please contact us at

We cannot say thank you enough. Let’s keep on working together to do awesome things for others. If you want to know more about what Mental Fitness Inc. is, simply click here. If you would like to donate, go here!

– Marie, and Erin J

The Ugly Ducklings Inc's swan