Double your chances!

Interview with Robyn Hussa, Mental Fitness Inc

As many of you know, we are in the midst of a fundraising endeavour for Mental Fitness Inc – the non-profit we support here at Ugly Ducklings Inc!

Well, we have GREAT news!  On Tuesday May 5th, all funds donated to Mental Fitness Inc through THIS LINK will have the chance of being DOUBLED for the non-profit!

Do you know what that means?  Anyone who donates through THIS LINK to Mental Fitness Inc on Tuesday May 5th in the hopes of getting some raffle tickets for our fundraiser will have their number of raffle tickets DOUBLED!

Here is our blog post to explain how the raffle works – all you need to do is donate, send us proof of the donation, and we will enter you in for a prize pack of your choice.  If you donate on May 5th with this link, your raffle tickets will be doubled!

Let’s support Mental Fitness, Ugly Ducklings!

  • IMPORTANT: The minimum donation is $10 dollars. Don’t forget to send us proof of your donation to!!!
ticket prices charity raffle

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