Ugly Ducklings Inc featured on I Am That Girl

UDI featured on I am that girl

Hi Ugly Ducklings.

We have so many reasons to celebrate. And we want to share them with you.

Luana Mattos is a collaborator for I Am That Girl, a website that encourages women to accept and love who they are. It’s a great page, where you can read interesting articles, and sign up to get updates.

We are really proud to be featured there, as it is a site that shares and stands up for the same values that we strive for.

Here’s a bit of the interview:

A Chat With The ‘Ugly Ducklings’
By: Luana Mattos, Guest Blogger

We all love some fairy tales. And many of us have pictured ourselves as one of the characters of a fairy tale. However, for some reason none of us would like to play the Ugly Duckling, but since February of 2013 girls from all over the world have proclaimed themselves as proud Ugly Ducklings. Just like in the story, they found out that what makes them different is actually what makes them a unique being! I chatted with Marie and Erin, the founders of the Ugly Ducklings Inc to learn more about this amazing movement where ducks become swans.

Why ‘Ugly Ducklings’?

We want this term to be something people can be proud of. Everyone is an “ugly duckling” at some point in their life: The ugly duckling was never ugly, he was simply different. He was lost in a group of people who didn’t respect him for who he was, and he was on the journey of becoming a beautiful swan. We are all on this journey in life.

Read the rest of the interview by clicking here.

We really want to thank Luana Mattos for choosing us, and helping us spreading the word on what we do.

It’s official. The secret is out!

As the interview mentioned, we are ready to do our next charity raffle!

You can have a chance to win one of the 7 packs containing Jennifer Morrison’s autograph.

Very simple. To find out more just click on the pic below!

Ugly Ducklings Inc charity raffle 2015


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