“Going out without my wig” and creating Natural Day

Natural Day with Sanah Jivani

Imagine this.

You’re in the seventh grade and your mind is racing.

You have two tests today: a quiz and the bullies in your gym class won’t seem to leave you alone.

As if all of that wasn’t too much to handle, the next morning, you wake up completely bald.

This was my reality.

My name is Sanah Jivani, and I’m so honored to come to Ugly Ducklings Inc to share my story with you all today.

Doing something brave for myself

When I was three years old, I was diagnosed with Alopecia but it got really terrible in the seventh grade. I lost all of my hair, and for a while, I felt like my whole world was crashing down on me.

I turned to wigs, self-harm and self-hate.

I hit rock bottom.

I knew I had to do something brave for myself, so I decided to show the world who I truly was by opening up, sharing my story and going without my wig.

It was amazing to see how much joy I received by accepting myself. And it made me so sad to know that so many others had to live without that joy.

I knew I had to do something about it, so I started a movement…

Natural Day

It takes place on February 13th every year and it’s so easy to participate.

On Natural Day, I challenge people to let go of the one thing that holds them back, whether it’s something physical or an internal struggle. Here’s a short video to help show you what Natural Day is all about:

It’s so easy to participate! Just use the hashtag #NaturalDay on Twitter and Facebook to share your story.

Open up and let go of the one thing that ties you down. I am personally challenging all of YOU to show courage, be brave and open up on Natural Day. I am challenging you to join the movement, and @UDucklingsInc on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Show the world who you truly are!

I hope you will accept my challenge and join the movement, just like you guys did last year! For more information, visit our website or contact me directly (my info will be at the end of this post).

I hope to see everyone build up courage on this day and show the world who they truly are. If I can do it, so can you. I KNOW you have the courage you need inside of yourself. Remember, February 13th!!

With lots of love,

Sanah Jivani
Founder of International Natural Day
Twitter: @SanahJivani
Instagram: @SanahJ
Email: sanahjivani@gmail.com


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