It’s Movember… but, what is it?

Movember awareness, moustache

Remember, remember

The month of November

Facial hair season for men

I know of no reason

The facial hair season

Should be left solely to them

… which is at least, in part, why you’ve got a girl writing about the annual moustache growing, men’s health awareness campaign known as Movember.

The premise is simple.

Chaps (known as Mo Bros) start the month of November with a clean-shaven face and for the next 30 days grow a moustache. No beards, goatees or other facial hair allowed!

The aim is to start conversations about men’s health issues, in particular prostate and testicular cancer, and mental health.

  • The movement started in Australia in 2003 with 30 men growing moustaches to raise money for prostate cancer.
  • It has grown exponentially from there, to over four million participants from 21 official countries last year.

It’s particularly important to raise awareness for men’s health issues because statistically men are far less likely to discuss or take action when they feel mentally or physically unwell than women are, and because of this, there is an overall lack of awareness and understanding of the health issues men face.

talk about cancer, menIn the UK, life expectancy is nearly four years lower for men than for women. They have a 14% higher risk of developing cancer, and 37% higher risk of dying from it.

Movember decided to add mental health to their remit this year because there is still such a strong stigma surrounding it and men are less likely to look after themselves until it is too late. Research by the UK mental health charity Mind indicates that nearly a third would be embarrassed to seek help for a mental health issue and what is particularly worrying is that suicide is the biggest killer of men under 35 in the UK.

In fact 77% of suicides here are male. So, ensuring that they not only feel comfortable discussing these issues, but also that they have places to go is incredibly important.

Their aim for the funds raised this year in the UK is for at least 2.5 million to go to projects that help break down the stigma of discussing the issues of mental health, and provide resources for men to talk and share their experiences and help, and advice when it is needed.

And for my fellow ladies out there, remember that you can still support these issues in your community by becoming a Mo Sista! And also, don’t forget to discuss this with your brothers, uncles, dads, granddads…

For more information on what Movember is doing in your country please visit

– Catherine

On November 19, send us your moustache photo :)

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