To all the LGBT youth: there will always be someone out there willing to help


Purple is now the color that will always come to mind whenever people want to create awareness against bullying the LGBT youth.

The initiative has taken the social networks as well as various websites, and mainstream media, so more people know how serious this matter is, and how important is the role you and I have in our society to help others who need us.

Tips and facts about bullyingEarlier today we posted these tips and facts about bullying, that may well apply to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender teenagers and young adults out there who are not only struggling to find their true self, but also need to deal with feeling accepted and loved by their families and friends.

One of my favorite from that list is the one that says that, according to a survey, 70% of kids argued that they felt good whenever they were able to stand up for someone who was being bullied.

We are all different. We are all special in our own, awesome way. The moment parents, children, and friends understand that we can embrace our differences and appreciate what makes us unique, that’s when hurtful actions will become less and less. Remember that you are not alone, that it’s not okay for others to treat you badly, and that there is a complete network of sources where you can find help.

An ideal scenario right?

Acceptance in the LGBT world

This subject brings to mind a film that will be released on DVD very soon, and that deals with this subject in a very particular way.

It’s called Once Upon a Time in Queens and it’s the story of how an ex-mob boss who was released from prison has to deal with life after so many years behind bars. When reunited with his family, he finds out that his daughter is gay, and he needs to find a way to comprehend and deal with this issue.

I won’t spoil you! but I can tell you that this movie can be a great lesson for parents and relatives. It’s about acceptance. If an old, hard-headed, ex-mafia boss can learn to accept his gay daughter, anyone can.

We leave you with the trailer. And remember, let’s keep spreading awareness and showing others that respect and love is above any sort of violence.


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