What power do introverts have?

Quiet, solitude, introversion is power. Quote.

About a month ago I wrote a post about discovering introversion, and since then I have been researching the subject nonstop.

I am currently in the process of reading two books on introversion, Quiet, by @susancain, and Introvert Power, by @lauriehelgoe.

Both of these books have given me so much knowledge on introversion, and I thought that I would share some things that I have learned. I definitely recommend them if you want to learn more about the awesomeness of being an introverted person.

So, to get things started, I wanted to point out something that I mentioned in my earlier post.

I said that that introverts are a minority in the population. This -as I found out- is not true. Although it may seem like that to us, we actually make up half to one third of the population.

– That means that 1 out of every 2-3 people, are introverts.

The reason why we seem like a minority is because a lot of us mask ourselves as extroverts. As stated by Susan Cain in her book Quiet:


“We live with a value system known as the Extrovert Ideal, the omnipresent belief that the ideal self is gregarious, alpha, and comfortable in the spotlight”.

Meaning that the ideal person for a society is one that is sociable and very outgoing, which is the opposite of what an introvert is, so most hide themselves as extroverts in order to fit in.

I really could go on about this, especially here in the United States, where extroversion is quite common. I’ve read so much in these books, that it blows my mind at how much we favor them. However, I have nothing against extroverts, but it can be hard to be a quiet person in a loudmouth world.

Quiet people are almost always labeled as weak or lacking ( which is something I know from experience ) and I for one HATE that!

Introverts have power

We do. We have power, and it should not be underestimated. An example that I love is Rosa Parks. She was a timid and shy person, but when the time came, she spoke her mind. She didn’t have to yell or raise her voice to get her point across; just simply refusing to give up her seat was enough.

The situation didn’t need a frightening public speaker such as Martin Luther King Jr., because it wouldn’t have had the same effect. It was because of her quietness and humility that the bus boycott happened.

Another example that I’ve found was in a book I recently read, called The Two Princesses of Bamarre. It is a fairy tale, yes, but it presents another example of introvert power. The main character, Addie, is a shy princesses who sets out to find a cure for a plague that has hit her kingdom.

On her journey, a dragon kidnaps her, and instead of fighting it -like all the other victims did- she remains calm and entertains the dragon, by talking to it, and using her embroidery skills. These two actions help her stay alive, and later she escapes. If she had fought like all the others, the dragon would have killed her.

As said by Mahatma Gandhi, “In a gentle way, you can shake the world”.

introvert18I believe that Introverts can do that. We are big “thinkers” , we observe more and have calmer energy, and when we get put into situations, we often become the ones who reveal wisdom from our inner reservoir and make others fall silent.

We have the spirit of pink dolphins, we are quiet and intelligent, and we should never be forced to feel like outcasts just because we do not like talking.

We have a power that some people don’t. We know how to embrace silence, enjoy being in our own company, and listen before we speak. Silence has a meaning, and if you are quiet enough, you can hear it.

Do you feel like letting it out into the world? Tell us in the comments if you usually mask yourself as an extrovert, and if you hadn’t realized it before!

– Mariah


10 thoughts on “What power do introverts have?

  1. Frightening? The late Dr. King was empowering. Definitely outgoing, but to call him frightening is frightening in and of itself. He was a champion for an oppressed people. Some times you have to make some noise.

    • First off I agree with you, Dr. King was a very empowering and outgoing leader, and yes you do have to make noise sometimes in order to make a change. But for some people that can be intimidating. Sometimes they need to see that quiet person in the background stand up, because it can make an even bigger impression.

      Thank you very much for your comment. I hope me response helps. :)

    • Thank you very much, It was my pleasure. I sometimes find myself trying to wear a mask, but I can never keep mine on for very long. I’m slowly learning that I need to be true to myself, even if it is hard.

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