She Misses Her Sister, And Wants You To Know Something

“There’s so many things, that my little sister has missed. So many things that she’s not been a part of…”

It’s September 7th, and although we kinda hate that there even is a week for suicide prevention, we are here to make our part in telling all those who still don’t see how serious this topic is, that it is happening. It is happening so often that it is scary. I didn’t really know this until I saw the video.

This is Jenn. She lost her little sister seven years ago after she decided to take her own life. Their relationship was truly special, and now that September 10th is upon us, she wants you to know something.

40 seconds were never so relevant, until now…

PS: Don’t ever hesitate to reach others if you need to. Ugly Ducklings Inc is a community of people who can offer support and encouragement. We are not professionals, but you can check our resources page to contact helplines. Try to find counsellors near you, or close friends and family who care. There will always be someone out there for you. 


3 thoughts on “She Misses Her Sister, And Wants You To Know Something

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  2. Jen thank you so much for sharing your story! It was so moving and powerful! As a teen I myself tried to take my own life, thankfully a youth pastor reached out to me. When I was 19 my estranged father took his own life and it haunts me to this day. I will never get to know him or build a relationship. We were not close so I cannot even fathom the loss you experienced. Again I thank you so much for sharing your story!!!❤️❤️

    • Thank YOU for taking the time to read the story and watch the video! It truly means more than you know! Also, for leaving a comment and sharing a piece of yourself with ME. I’m sorry you have to know the pain of loss, regardless of how close you were with your father. I’m certain it hurt none the less. Not only did you lose your father…but the opportunity to turn things around and to be able to building a relationship with him.

      I strongly encourage everyone to spread awareness and to be kind always!!!! There is no greater thing than kindness. And sometimes…all it takes is a simple smile to turn someone’s day, week, month or entire life around!!

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