Rest in Peace Robin Williams

Robin Williams was the voice of the Genie. Try to fight depression

Don’t you feel like you just lost a long-life friend?

Someone who taught you how to laugh, how to cry? How to laugh and cry at the same time?

Robin Williams passed away yesterday, August 11th, and according to media reports, he had been fighting some depression demons for a long time.

You think that people who are always doing funny things and making people laugh are just showing the rest of the world what they are experiencing inside… well, sometimes it’s just their own way to cope with the problems and aches they have inside.

Don’t ever hesitate to reach out if you feel depressed

“I’m sad”. We all go through moments when we cannot deal with our inner feelings and we look for ways to escape. Perhaps we can’t seem to see an exit door. Here, at Ugly Ducklings Inc, we have been fortunate enough to create a supportive community, where people in need might come to us and ask for advice. At the same time, we have some amazing group of people who are willing to say some words of encouragement at the moment they most need it.

After the sad news of Robin Williams’ passing, and how everyone has felt touched by his leaving us, it is very important that we reinstate, and encourage you to look for someone who can help you, as there will always be someone willing to be there for you. As Sky Williams said in his video “A message to the Depressed”, always try to look for someone who is near you, a friend, a therapist, a relative. If not, you can try the different hotlines available.

We have a list of resources that you can turn to if you need to. Just click here.

And to all those who have been in close contact with depression, either because of a friend, a relative, or because you yourself are suffering, this message is for you…

“I’d like to live in a world where happiness is as easy as buying a soda in a vending machine. But it’s harder than that.”

Special thanks to The Telegraph and MindFullUK for sharing this beautiful video.


5 thoughts on “Rest in Peace Robin Williams

  1. I really appreciated this post. It became part of my own process of healing. I made the very bad mistake of watching the coroner’s report when it was aired un-censored on cable news yesterday afternoon. I was kicking myself. How does one allow one’s self to go into mourning for someone you’ve never met? Your post helped me move on from that moment and today I took my own whack at what I’d been feeling about our beloved Robin, thanks you lovely ducks:

  2. I grew up watching this magnificent man. His children grew up watching him, also; so this is far more personal to them and their circle of family and friends. I can only pray that The Lord eases their pain and that they find hope and joy in Jesus. Please Lord God help all of them in this time. ~xXx~

    • I hope so too, I really do. It must be a difficult time for all of them and we can only hope and pray that they can overcome the pain very soon. Thank you for your comment Fiona.

    • I wish I could too. I think we would’ve all done anything and everything for him, as he was with us throughout our childhood. What an amazing human being. May he Rest in Peace now.

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