I am an introverted person, and it’s okay

Introversion. A strength, not a weakness

In honor of May being Self-Discovery month, I wanted to share a recent discovery that I made about myself.

I’ve never been a very social person. Most of you might not know this, but I am a very quiet person. I’ve been this way my entire life, and it’s not that I’m shy or depressed or antisocial, I just prefer not to talk. I’m more of a listen-and-observe kind of girl.

Growing up I was always made fun of for being quiet. From 5th grade all through high school, I was labeled as “quiet girl”.

About introverted peopleI was always looked at differently just because I didn’t like talking. I lost the majority of my friends, because they thought it was un-cool to hang out with someone who didn’t talk or initiate conversation.

Everyone that I knew, including my family made it seem like being quiet was a bad thing. Not once in my life, including today, has a person told me that it was okay to be quiet, that it was okay to be me.

I started believing what everyone said. I thought for the longest time that something was wrong with me, that not being talkative was bad, I thought that maybe I would just snap out of it one day, but it never came.

Then, a few weeks ago, I made one of the most empowering discoveries about myself that I’ve ever made.

I was on Pinterest, I was looking at a bunch of inspirational quotes when I noticed one that really hit me hard. The quote was talking about Introverts.

Fact about an introvert person

I was completely moved, yet confused when I read this. How was being quiet an art? I always thought that being quiet was a bad thing. I wanted to know more, so I began researching and looking up more quotes.

I started with looking up the definition.

What are introvert people like?

Introverts (for those who don’t know) are people, who are very quiet and reserved. They are more interested in self-knowledge or self-understanding. Instead of going to a big social gathering they would prefer to stay at home and read a good book.

I couldn’t believe what I was reading, I felt like I had a disease my entire life and I was finally finding out what it was. This one sentence had described my entire life.

This glimmer of hope began to build in me, at realizing that I was not alone.

Famous people who are introverts

I also discovered that many of the world’s most famous and greatest people were introverts.

  • Albert Einstein
  • Steve Jobs
  • Emma Watson
  • Audrey Hepburn
  • Warren Buffett
  • Rosa Parks
  • J.K. Rowling
  • Ingrid Bergman

Here are some more famous people who are introverts.

It was even more interesting to learn that although Introverts are a minority in the regular population, they are a majority in the gifted population. About 60% of the gifted population is made up of introverts.

Quote about being shyThis one really touched me. Never in my life had I considered myself as gifted. I came to the realization that if Emma Watson and Audrey Hepburn can be amazing actors and introverts then why couldn’t I?

For the first time in forever I finally began to see that I am good enough, and that being quiet isn’t my weakness. It’s my strength.

And I didn’t find out what was wrong with me, I found out what was right.

So, if anyone else is struggling with this same thing, I want to tell you that it’s okay to be quiet.

There is so much that you can notice when you wait and listen.

– Mariah (Ugly Ducklings Inc’s Resource Assistant)


11 thoughts on “I am an introverted person, and it’s okay

  1. This is exactly how my life was like! I only discovered what an introvert means and is a few weeks ago. Before that I always wondered what was wrong with me and I always tried to be like everyone else I knew, who were all extroverts. I was so unhappy until I discovered there were other people like me, and now I can actually start being myself and stop pretending to be someone else!

  2. Ever since i could remember i was quite, i never realy talked to people which made them think that i thought i was better than them or I was just plain ol’ rude. Others thought i was intimidating, or to serious. But i was none of those i just quite. In middle school i was called emo girl because i was reserved and my gothic style didn’t help.like you everyone i came across said being quite was a BAD thing i had to learn how to talk but reading this opened my eyes that being an introvert is a good thing!

  3. I really enjoyed reading you are article. I am also an introverted person and I always get misunderstood by people. People think I am always rude or mean just because I don’t jump around and get excited when I see them. They think I don’t like them. I am proud of being an introvert but I don’t all the misconceptions we have. It is hard for people to understand us.

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed the article, and I totally agree, we are always being misunderstood. I hate it when people just assume that we’re snobs just because we don’t like talking, Its hard being a quiet person in a loudmouth world. I’m really glad to hear you’re proud of being an Introvert, it’s totally something to celebrate. Even if others can’t see it, Quiet does have its own power. I don’t know if you ever read Susan Cain’s book Quiet, but it’s an excellent book to read if you want to learn more about the power of introverts. Much Love!

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed the article, I completely agree, we are always being misunderstood, I hate it when people think we’re being snobs just because we don’t like talking, its hard being a quiet person in a loudmouth world. I’m glad you’re proud of being an introvert, it’s totally something to celebrate. Even if others can’t see it, quiet does have its own power. I don’t know if you ever read it, but I recommend reading Susan Cain’s book “Quiet”. It’s an excellent book if you want to learn more about Introvert power. Much Love!

  4. Hey I know this is like a year late but ive just read this and after having a bit of a rubbish time and feeling like i dont really fit in because im quiet and don’t always join in with conversation and being Left out because of that, reading what you’ve written has helped me realise a bit that thats just who i am, and its nice to know that im not the only okay and its okay to be quiet! Thank you xx

    • You are most welcome! I’m so glad I was able to help. I know it may be hard to be quiet in a loudmouth world, but never be ashamed of it, it is a very special super power that you should be proud of. Please let me know if you ever need someone to talk to about this. Much Love!

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  7. You are very welcome! I’m so glad I was able to help you. Its so comforting knowing that we are not alone and that we can help each other. I know it can be hard sometimes, but no matter what anyone says, you should NEVER be ashamed of being quiet. If you ever want someone to talk to or someone to listen, I would be honored. Much Love!

  8. Hey, thank you for your article – it’s good to hear I am not alone. Actually, this is the first time someone told me it’s okay to be shy and quiet; also being around people constantly telling you how it’s a bad thing is not necessarly helpful. I’m being reminded quite often how it’s gonna affect my life, or rather cause having no life because of my lack of abilities to interact with people.. but this is just who I am. It’s true that outgoing people find it easier to socialize, but that doesn’t mean that I have to pretend to be one in order to achieve something. That’s why it also touched me to learn that so many famous people struggle with the same thing as well. So.. I’m quiet and it’s awesome :D Thanks again and take care! xo

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