Whole Life Challenge



Hello Ugly Ducklings!

We are so excited to announce that we are going to be playing a really fun health and fitness game as a community called the Whole Life Challenge. It’s a game that measures your ability to see how much of a difference you can make in your body, fitness, and lifestyle habits over the course of eight weeks.

We invited crossfit guru Heather McKearnan of Crossfit Santa Fe to talk to us about the Whole Life Challenge so we can spread the word and so all you Ugly Ducklings can learn more about it and how to get involved! In our interview with Heather, she explains how the Whole Life Challenge got started and what exactly it is. Listen to the full interview below:

Doesn’t it sound amazing? I am personally pumped for the challenge – and I can’t wait to get an Ugly Duckling group started! If you are interested in signing up, click HERE to join our team (and remember, the price goes up this Friday April 25th, so be sure to join before then)! Once you’ve signed up, be sure to send us an email letting us know so we can all support each other!

We want to thank Heather for taking the time to come on and fill us in on this amazing opportunity to take control of our health, fitness and well-being. Check out our Swan Revealed with Heather to find out more about her below:

Have no doubt that if you join the challenge, you will get lots of support from many different sources (including Marie, Heather & I and the rest of our assistants and community!)

Would this really be a challenge without a bunch of people making countless excuses on why they can’t participate?! While you can rest-assured that this challenge is for anyone of any age and fitness level, we played “The Excuse Game” with Heather so she can speak to some of the things that might be going on in your minds right now! Check it out below:

Have no doubt that if you join the challenge, you will get lots of support from many different sources (including Marie, Heather & I and the rest of our assistants and community!) Check out the Undisputed Fitness website and click HERE to join the challenge! Let us know if you have any questions, or comment below and we will be sure to answer them!


swan out




Please read: At Ugly Ducklings, we are committed to promoting healthy lifestyles and the emotional well-being of everyone. We believe this challenge can be used as an effective tool in taking control of one’s life and use community, accountability and motivation to make difficult changes to your habits and lives. We in no way intend for this to be a triggering experience for anyone struggling with an eating disorder, disordered eating or any other physical or mental health issues. We strongly urge anyone who may be worried about this to consult their care team prior to joining the challenge: this challenge may not be appropriate for everyone, and we acknowledge that. Be sure to check out our resources page for more information about eating disorders and how to get help.


2 thoughts on “Whole Life Challenge

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  2. I am not going to join the challenge at this time, but I wanted to let you know a change I made towards better health. I currently have about 30 extra pounds on me, and I am working to get back to a healthy weight for me. I definitely emphasize wanting to get to a healthy weight. I’m not doing this for looks. I don’t believe in that jazz.😉 A healthy weight is around 100 pounds since I am 4’8″. I realized my extra weight was mostly put on by the amount of sugar drinks (Dr. Pepper and sweet tea) I was drinking. I’m talking about a large What-a-Burger Dr. Pepper or sweet tea. If you’re not familiar with What-a-Burger as it is a Texas thing, let’s just say these are definitely Texas sized larges. You know they say everything is bigger in Texas, LOL.😊 Anyway, I have started my journey by giving up these drinks. I started during lent, so however long that has been. Instead, I’m drinking green tea, water, and Chamomile. I’ve also started to exercise more via my dance games and Wii Fit at home. I’m slowly but surely noticing the difference.😊

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