Quick and important update on Ugly Ducklings Inc!

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Firstly, thank you EVERYONE for spreading the word and being invested in our movement. We’ve kicked off the month of April with finishing up the Women’s History Month blog series, and kicking off an Autism Awareness blog series week.

We wanted to briefly update you on a few housekeeping items, and we require some help from YOU!:

thermometer update

We will soon set a deadline for our current t-shirt orders. Please be sure to get your Order Form in by the deadline date once we announce it. If you ordered a shirt last time, we are offering a special discount this time around.

And we have a special promo of our t-shirt plus the recently launched U.G.L.Y. poster.  Find out more here! Don’t miss your chance to get one of these incredible shirts. (A portion of our profits goes towards Mental Fitness Inc).

We are hoping to bring a new assistant on board. Our “WordPress Assistant” will be in charge of helping to maintain the website via WordPress. We have lots of new projects coming up and we need an extra hand. If you are familiar with it, please email us an UDI Application ASAP!

We want to welcome Simone and Allanah to our new Writer’s Team. You may have read their blogs in the past… both have contributed a few times, and have now committed to being a part of the Writer’s Team! We are still looking to expand it, and someone who wants to be an editor. If this is something you might be interested, please email us!

We have lots of topics coming up!
– Child Abuse Prevention Month
– Sexual Assault Prevention Month; and
– Alcohol Awareness Month
– Oh and Earth Day!

Thank you ONCE MORE for your support and leave us a comment if you have any questions!

– Marie, and Erin


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