Kelsey’s Ugly Duckling Story

It’s Autism Awareness Day, and we felt it was perfect to share again what Kelsey wrote to us last year. She got a Swan badge and her story is part of our Pinterest board. You can leave a message to Kelsey at the end of the post!

I’m a little nervous. I’m Kelsey I’m 19, almost 20, and I have Asperger’s Syndrome.

wish upon a star poem

Poem written by Kelsey

It is my strength, and weakness. Because of my autism, I am compassionate, hard working (I have two jobs: one at an amusement park, and one at the Disney Store), and probably one of the nicest people you will ever meet.

On the other hand, I struggle with making friends. I have only one friend and she’s awesome, and things that seem easy to you are hard to me, like reading books. I can read fine, but I sometimes don’t understand what I’m reading.

I graduated almost two years ago, and it was hard for me. Then, a miracle happened: a promo for once upon a time came on.

I am a die-hard Evil Regal. Regina, and I are exactly alike. She wants to be herself, to be accepted, and loved, but people don’t give her a chance. If they really got to know her they would see a kind soul that is broken, and needs help with picking up the pieces.

Poem about autism

Poem about autism. By Kelsey

Lana Parrilla is my hero. I even wrote to the granted wish foundation (a charity that grants wishes to people with disabilities) saying I want to meet my hero, and tell her thank you for being an inspiration to someone like me. I want to say how much I love her, her show, and character, and maybe a picture would be nice!

The show Once Upon a Time is my safe haven, I never miss it. To quote Mr. Gold, the show made me realize I’m a hero. I see the beauty in others, and I am kind to others and when there’s no one there I create it, so when I look in the mirror I’ll remember, that’s who I am.

Sometimes I want friends, sometimes I don’t. I don’t want all the fame, but I want someone to talk to. I want someone to accept and love me for who I am, so I don’t have to put my shield up.

It took a lot for me to write this. I’m glad you guys started a site like this. Once Upon a Time is magical, and the savior does save people.



One thought on “Kelsey’s Ugly Duckling Story

  1. Dear Kelsey- Your story really moved me. I have two grandsons who have autism – they are ages 2 and 5. They are amazing kids and I love them with all my heart. Your story gave me so much hope (just as OUAT does!) for a bright future for them. Thanks so much for sharing it with all of us. You really are a hero!

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