A Woman Who Inspires Shari



We’ve themed this blog series “Women Who Inspire”. In honour of Women’s History Month, we asked you Ugly Ducklings which women inspire you and why. We have some really great, inspiring responses to share with you. Today’s post is by Shari and we are so happy she wrote into us. Check out her story below:


My grandmother survived the second World War which is a big deal to me. She lost her husband years ago and she still talks about him like he’s just at work. I know she misses him but she’s a good actor. I never get to know him but my grandmother really admires him so he must have been a great man. I think if you’d ask me about real love, that would be my example.

My grandmother moved to Spain 18 years ago. She lived there with her husband and her dogs. She is an independent woman and so brave! She didn’t even knew the language but she learned it! She made her dream come true to live there while others are mostly there on vacation. After one of her dogs died and she became more and more weak, she decided to move back to us.

My grandmother has two children: my dad and my uncle. She managed it to go to work as one of the first women in our village and educate her children. She always tells me that she always was jealous because the other kids had new things and she didn’t because her parents bought the house I’m still living in. But she accepted it.

When you meet my grandmother, you first thought is what a wise woman she is. Whatever problem I have, I can ask her about it 2014-03-23-12-46-31_decoand she’ll know the answer. And I’m not the only one thinking that: two of my cousins lost contact with their mum so they have no one to ask those questions. On weekends, they usually come over and my grandmother cooks for all of us and talks about her past and about our future.

And the best thing my grandmother is that she and I share the passion for old things and keeping things that may be important someday. We keep nearly everything that seems useful for the future.

Two days ago, I told her that I just finished reading a book. Right after I told her, she led me to her old cupboard. She opened the doors and I saw so many books! An hour later I went back home with four more books to read: a book about the universe, about heaven, about the Shaolin monks and about the world war.

You may be thinking she’s a Grandma like every other Grandma but I don’t think so. She’s the one who always makes you laugh but also the one to caution you when you do something wrong. She’s the one who has an open ear and a shoulder to lean on. She’s the one who always knows the answer and has a realistic opinion about everything.
She’s my grandmother and my inspiration.

Shari is 14 years old and lives in a cute little village in Germany where she is still attending school. She says, “If I had to choose if I’m an Ugly Duckling or a Swan I wouldn’t know what to choose yet. I think I’m somewhere between …” She has faith in happy endings and knows that if everything is still bad, it can’t be the end yet.

We want to thank Shari for sharing her story with us about the woman who inspires her the most. Be sure to leave comments for Shari below and check back tomorrow for our next “Women Who Inspire” blog!


2 thoughts on “A Woman Who Inspires Shari

  1. I fell in love with your grandmother reading this, so I can definitely tell you love her a lot! At first I admit, I shook my head when I read that the woman who inspires you was your grandmother, but if anything that’s the probably the perfect role model and hero. The real heroes are the ones the impact you the most, and what better then someone close to him. Just when I was about to turn away, I thought about the women who inspires me and I could think of a lot, from actresses like Jennifer Morrison to politicians like Hilary Clinton, or historical women like Queen Elizabeth 1, or Rosa Parks, but despite reading about them, listening them to talk, they are behind a page, or the radio, or the T.V, and there not really there talking to you or there, really, for you, know what I mean? When I thought about it, the person that inspires me is my mother, and I got an instant flashback to 3rd grade when my teacher asked us to write about our hero, almost everyone picked their mother, but I really do owe a lot to my mother, the things she sacrificed, the hardships she went through. It sounds a bit what your grandmother went through, aside for becoming a widow through the war (World War 2 and in Germany too, your grandmother must have struggled a lot!). Your lucky to have her stories and wisdom, and thank you so much for sharing it with. Your grandmother is an everyday hero, she deserves to be celebrated :)

    • Thank you for replying, Fatima!
      And yes I totally understand! When I asked my friends about the woman who inspires them and that the woman who inspires me is my granny they thought I am crazy. Because they also answered political women or actresses or famous people. But then I told them about my grandma and what exactly inspires me. And they understood. Famous people are there to show you that you’re not alone, that there are other people who act and think the same. But you have to talk about your thoughts, about your opinions. And then there aren’t any celebrities to talk with, in this situation you can talk with the people you trust and know.
      I’m happy you’re also realized that your mother is the woman who inspires you and I’m sure she’s also an everyday hero like my granny and both of them (ALL everyday heroes!) deserve to be celebrated! :-)

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