Women’s History Month


Hello Ugly Ducklings!

In honour of March being Women’s History Month, we are kicking off our second ever “blog series” this week: Women Who Inspire. We’re going to be posting a new blog every day; we have a great team of writers participating and we are so excited for you to all read about women who inspire them. Be sure to check back daily to read the next instalment!

Our wonderful assistant Maaike is kicking off the week talking about Women’s History Month. Thank you so much, Maaike, for contributing! Check it out below!


Women’s History Month is an annual month of events worldwide remembering all that women have accomplished over the years in history. In this month we celebrate the women that meant something to society, whether they were involved in the fight for the right to vote, in politics, equal rights or any other topic you can think of. These women are courageous, extraordinary, and memorable for all kinds of reasons. The founding fathers of how the world is as we know it today. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to vote, get proper education, get the same job positions as men and have equal rights. We often take all we do for granted, but Women’s History Month forces us to face the facts; there was a time when we as women were fairly limited in our possibilities to grow and develop ourselves.

In the ‘60’s, The Presidential Commission of the Status of Women (PCSW) was established to advice the President of the United States on issues concerning the status of women. Inspired by this report, The White House released a similar status last week. It includes some very positive findings, like the fact that women have caught up with men in seeking higher education. However, we’re not there yet. The same research namely also reports that there are still more women in the United States living in poverty than men. What’s more is women on average still earn less than men. The discrepancy between men and women are even larger in many other nations around the world.

This shows once more how important it is to reflect on all those women who have changed the world for the better. Interactive school projects are therefore organized worldwide to bring history back to life and pass it on to the new generation. After all, it is in these school classes that the important women of the future are.

How is your knowledge about important women of history? Test it here with this quiz and let us know your score!


Thanks so much to Maaike for opening this blog series! Everyone be sure to check back tomorrow for our next installment of “Women Who Inspire”!


4 thoughts on “Women’s History Month

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    • Hi Fatima, thank you so, so much! I’m glad you liked it! :)

      I think 5/7 is a great score, you beat me there for sure. When taking this quiz myself I realized how little I actually know about these women who changed the world. I also can’t remember having learned much in school about them. I do recall this story about Aletta Jacobs, the first Dutch woman who finished university. Throughout her life she fought for the emancipation of women. I think when it comes to the person who has had most influence in this development in my country, it is her.

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