One Year of Ugly Ducklings Inc!

One year strong banner

Hello Ugly Ducklings!

We have been around for exactly a year! We launched March 14, 2013 and we are so happy with everything that has happened this year with Ugly Duckings Inc!

We wanted to take this opportunity to share our first “mini-podcast” with you all, featuring some announcements and an explanation of what this “Writer’s Team” is all about. Please listen below:

There you have it! Are you interested in becoming part of our growing team of writers? E-mail us to get some more info!

And you heard it! We are launching a new poster – UGLY! Check it out:

WM Poster

For a limited time, you can get a poster and t-shirt in a bundle for $22.50 + shipping! Use this order form for the t-shirt and just write in at the bottom that you’d like this poster (and remember, if you’ve already purchased a shirt from us, you should have an email about another special promo):

UDI ProDUCKS Order Form

Just email us the form and we will email you back when we are putting in the order! Thank you so much for a GREAT year, Ugly Ducklings! We look forward to many more!

swan out

“Bandwidth” in podcast’s context was totally stolen from a super-incredible person I know. Thank you!


4 thoughts on “One Year of Ugly Ducklings Inc!

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  3. thats an awesome idea cant wait to find out more, i think its great that you want to expand the horizons of ugly ducklings inc

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