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Hi Ducklings!

Have you ever heard of the word animal-human hybrids?

Actually, I hadn’t heard of it until quite recently, when a team of two rockstars introduced me to it. I’m talking about Florian and Joshua, and to be more precise they are a film director and a producer, contributing with their ideas and creations to gender equality and acceptance.

They embarked upon an amazing project last year, and the best part? they used the innovative crowdfunding strategy to get the resources to make the short film Whispers of Life a reality. They got funds from celebrities, fans, crew members, and friends after they released the synopsis of their movie:

Whispers of life movie posterWhispers of Life is a short film about the interdependence of imagination and survival and their life-changing connection in Tom’s story. Tom, a fifteen-year old gay teenager, meets Charles, a man in his sixties, after having been bullied by classmates on a park bench. Charles, having witnessed the bullying, approaches Tom afterward and initiates a conversation. When Tom frankly asks Charles if he has ever thought about suicide, Charles takes Tom on a fantastical journey into Tom’s imagination that will forever change the course of Tom’s future and ability to appreciate his life.

2013 became like a magical ship to this film, because every month blew winds to it and sent it to festivals around the world: it was selected to make part of Film Festivals in Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Canada, the United States, and Australia.

But that’s not all! The film got praises, great reviews and awards!


Now, they have decided to push themselves harder and take their next big idea to the screen. And here’s where the animal-human hybrids come in.

Florian and Joshua have launched a new funding campaign for an enticing sci-fi short film set in the near future and featuring interactions between human and animal-human hybrids that make their way in this world amidst constant oppression, and marginalization.

Sounds fascinating, and us, ugly ducklings want to make part of the campaign by

  • Spreading the word
  • Donating

Their story of success is truly inspiring, and they are living proof that when you have a great idea that you want to show the world, and you set your mind to it, you can make it something worthwhile and valuable.

SO!! for those of you who want to send a donation to Mosaics, don’t hesitate for one second. Click here to go straight to the Indiegogo campaign.

And you can hear more about it:

Donate here!.


2 thoughts on “Support Mosaics, an independent short film

  1. this actually sounds really interesting. one question are these the people Lana spoke about in her speech at the human rights campaign equality gala thing a little while back. would definitely watch

    • Hi Allanah. I believe they are the ones that Lana Parrilla mentioned at that event. I hope you help us spread the word on their project. And thanks for your interest in it!

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