Change it!


I found this wonderful piece of art by raye_minamino on twitter.  I asked her if we could share it on the blog (we are going to add it to the Duck Yard as well).

“People are going to tell you who you are your whole life.  You just gotta punch back and say ‘No, this is who I am’.  You want Emmapeople to look at you differently?  Make them!  You want to change things, you’re going to have to go out there and change them yourself… because there are no fairy godmothers in this world.”

I really like how empowering this quote is.  It really forces people to take ownership for their choices and lives.  There is no magical solution to our problems here; a fairy godmother isn’t going to appear with a poof and give us a new dress to go to the ball.

Now, we’re all Cinderella fans here, don’t get us wrong.  When we interviewed Robyn Hussa, the amazing CEO and Founder of Mental Fitness Inc (the charity we support here at UDI), she pointed out that the story is significant because it shows “the hope of somebody in one of those situations actually having an option and a way out” (check out her full answer here).

But if we want to go to the ball, we likely need to motivate ourselves to get there.  There will be people helping us along the way (some of them might even seem as magical as fairy godmothers), but we need to remember that the choice to change our lives is our own, and only ours.

What do you want to punch back on in your life?  What do you want to change about your life?  Let us know below!


6 thoughts on “Change it!

  1. Awesome quote. Inspirational. Reason I love Emma Swan today. She’s one of the real life fairy godmothers. The kind that doesn’t give you magic to fix your problems, but words that gives you resolve. My favorite show with my favorite princess, only that in the end of it, I had to give the honors to Emma. Really can’t wait to see her in her princess gown, or better yet her battle armor.

  2. That episode was my absolute favorite until “Lost Girl” aired. I was just doing nothing, deciding to not acknowledge my problems and hoping someone would fix it for me, then I watched this episode with my most favorite princess of all, only to end up replacing it with Emma Swan (sorry Cinderella, I still love you though). I honestly felt that when she said that, she was speaking to me. Emma probably would make on fine real life fairy godmother though (lol) because I think that’s the kind of thing they’d say in the real world. “Sorry honey but magic ain’t gonna fix this”. There’s still times I still feel that way, but I got this to remind me. Thank you Ugly Ducklings for this up and for the drawing, couldn’t think of a better fan art to make of her.

      • I know right! “Lost Girl” was an amazing episode! It was the first time I think we saw the vulnerable side of Emma Swan behind that guarded look she has sometimes. Jennifer did a really good job showing that and how much loneliness Emma went through being on her own and without parents. I thought it was great that they showed this weak side of her, you know because she’s usually the strong one who kicks butt. It makes her much more complicated and a different kind of hero. Not the kind whose ready to save people but the kind that has this thing thrust upon her and she’s forced to be strong but really feels she isn’t. Makes it realistic when you think about it. I feel that way sometimes.

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