Matt Westel – “Rethinking Everything”


We are beginning to wrap up our Eating Disorder Awareness Week blog series – we have two final posts to share with you. But this isn’t the end. I urge everyone to continue to find out more information about eating disorders; the blogs we’ve shared this week weren’t shared just because this is a designated week – they were shared because they are powerful, inspiring stories that provide educational information to anyone who is struggling with one of these illnesses. There is always lots of information available on Mental Fitness Inc’s website, as well as the NEDA website. Additionally, read back through our blogs from this series and you’ll be able to find a plethora of amazing people and resources.

Today, we are featuring a piece written by Matt Westel. This piece was originally published on the Love Our Bodies, Love Ourselves‘ website.

”Thinking about recovery, I worried about who I would be and what would be left of me afterward. As weird as it can sound, anorexia had become like a close friend.

Neda Quiz. Male, eating disorders


Matt writes about his struggle with anorexia and the subsequent recovery choices he was faced with. If we learned one thing from NEDA’s quiz earlier this week, it is that men struggle with eating disorders too (although society tends to view this as a “women’s problem”). Matt also points out that it is the symptoms of the eating disorder itself that makes it difficult for some to obtain treatment:

”I should mention – a lot of those feelings of positive affect towards an eating disorder are perpetuated by malnourishment. It’s like I always say – a poorly nourished body and mind are a poorly functioning body and mind. We can’t possibly expect to be in full control of our thoughts, feelings, and rationality when our bodies aren’t getting what they need to function properly.”

How true is that? When someone is literally starving, it is very difficult to be in control and force your mind and body to function the way you think it should. Robyn Cruze’s piece, posted earlier this week, also talks about this. But… there is hope!

“… Recovery is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but it’s also the most worthwhile. Without recovery, I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish many of the things I’ve done since.”

It is worthwhile to get recovered. And you deserve it. Thank you so much, Matt, for your words of wisdom and for sharing your story! Check out Matt’s full blog here.

After suffering from anorexia as an undergraduate in college, Matt Wetsel got involved with the Eating Disorders Coalition (EDC) in 2007. He joined the EDC Junior Board in Spring 2011, focusing on volunteer recruitment and state-level organizing year-round. He started his blog, …Until Eating Disorders Are No More, in early 2011. Check out his blog and find out more about Matt here! You can also follow Matt on twitter.


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