Jennifer Pastiloff – “Starving to Loving”


When we decided we were going to be blogging a special series in honour of Eating Disorder Awareness Week, I knew that we would have to include something from Jennifer Pastiloff.

I started following Jen on social media about a year and a half ago. I don’t even remember how I connected with her (I’m one of those people who actually follows the people recommended by others in #FollowFridays, so it was likely that). But I am very glad I did because she is really a daily inspiration in the lives of so many people, she gives people a voice on her website and she has significantly impacted my life (which is a blog for another day).

Jen pastiloff simple reminders

This blog, “From Starving Myself to Loving Myself” was originally published on Positively Positive in December 2012. I remember reading it then and it was so nice to read it again this week. Jennifer shares an enlightening poem she wrote when she was suffering from severe anorexia and explains what was going on at that time in her life:

“I couldn’t be with people. Someone would be talking to me, and all I would hear was: What did I eat today? Why did I eat that? Why am I so fat? Maybe if I exercise for four hours, I will be ok. I am a monster. I will not eat at all the rest of the week to make up for what I ate today.”

Jen continues her blog talking about the healing impact that Yoga had on her life and on her eating disorder.

“All of a sudden, I felt accountable. I realized I was talking about acceptance and love, and, if I had any integrity, I would have to literally become acceptance and love. So, I did. I became acceptance. And love.”

Check out the full blog here! I am so happy to know someone who can share so authentically in a way that both helps and challenges people in whatever circumstances they’re in. Whether you’ve ever suffered from an eating disorder or not, check out Jennifer’s website. She has something for everyone, all the time!

“I was letting go of who I thought I was in order to become who I am today. And I get better every day.”

Jennifer Pastiloff is a writer and retreat leader based in Los Angeles. She travels around the world leading her signature Manifestation Yoga® workshops and retreats (a combination of yoga and writing.) She is also the creator of Karaoke Yoga. She is currently working on her first book: a memoir. Jen encourages people to live their best lives by being authentic and honest, and most of all, by having a sense of humor. You can join her tribe:
The Manifest-Station
She also has a great vlog series on Youtube (I highly recommend watching all the previous ones at some point too!)
*Thank you, Simple Reminders for the photo.

We loved getting all your feedback on twitter from yesterday’s blog about the NEDA Quiz! There are still a few more days left for you to send your messages to us to include in a special something to Mental Fitness Inc! Until tomorrow…

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