NEDA’s Quiz


At the midpoint of our Eating Disorder Awareness Week blog series, we wanted to post NEDA (National Eating Disorder Association)’s quiz. This is a short quiz that lets you find out how much you know about eating disorders while simultaneously education you about some of the facts that are not as well known.

The theme of this year’s Eating Disorder Awareness Week is “I had no idea”. We discussed this notion earlier this week when we published Robyn Cruze’s blog of the same title. There are so many things the general public do not know about eating disorders and that makes it even more difficult to combat this disease.

I took this quiz earlier this week. There are a few points in there that will really shock you – CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE QUIZ!

I had no ideaWhen you take the quiz, let us know what shocked you the most or what you learned. Comment below or let us know on twitter or facebook!

Thank you SO much to the Ugly Ducklings who have donated to Mental Fitness Inc this week! If you’ve donated or if you plan to, remember to send us the confirmation from your donation so we can send you a special something to say ‘thanks’ from Ugly Ducklings Inc!

Check out NEDA’s official website and our other blogs from this series:
Mental Fitness Inc
Robyn Cruze – “I had no idea”
Caroline Rothstein – “I am not fat”


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