Robyn Cruze – “I had no idea”


As many of you know from social media or our previous blog, this week is Eating Disorder Awareness Week! We work closely with Mental Fitness Inc, an amazing non-profit organization (check out our previous blog about them here and follow this rabbit hole if you’d like to donate as an Ugly Duckling to Mental Fitness Inc). To help Mental Fitness Inc and all the other non-profits spreading the word about eating disorders this week, we wanted to do a special blog series. We’re going to be posting excerpts from awesome and educational blogs with a focus on eating disorders and recovery every day for the rest of the week.

I read a blog today that I think it does a great job of discussing different aspects of eating disorders that are not as well known to those who don’t have an in-depth understanding or experience of this illness. “I had no idea” by Robyn Cruze explains:ED Awareness Pink

“In a world where being obsessed with body weight is wildly accepted and even promoted by the media and societal norms, it is difficult to spot an eating disorder. The misconception that only people who look overly thin and “sickly” or “obese” have an eating disorder can make it almost impossible to spot, unless you are the actual sufferer.”

Robyn also discusses the stigma; secrecy; and mental, emotional and physical ramifications of having an eating disorder.

Check out Robyn’s full blog here – the whole thing is a good read and you will probably learn something new.

“Robyn is fully committed to inspiring teens and emerging adults recovering from eating disorders, body image dissatisfaction and alcoholism to overcome life obstacles and follow their dreams” – check out Robyn’s website here. You can also find Robyn on Facebook and Twitter and her recently published book Make Peace With Your Plate is available through her website.

Thanks for reading and checking out Robyn’s blog, Ugly Ducklings! Remember to send us your messages for Mental Fitness Inc this week (you can email them to us:!

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