It’s My Party!


A year ago today, there was a spark. It was the spark that started this movement. So we wanted to celebrate!Why are Emma Swan shippers called Ugly Ducklings, by Jennifer Morrison

You’ve probably already heard about the party we’re having on twitter today – and we hope you’re participating! But we have something even bigger planned for the one year birthday of when we launched this website. And we want to hear from YOU! Check out how you can get involved here!

We want to thank every single one of you for all the support this year! We’re so happy with how open and receptive everyone has been. We especially want to thank our amazing assistants, Camilla, Maaike and Mariah (we will be sharing some more exciting news with you on this front soon). Thank you to every single person who has written us an Ugly Duckling story. A HUGE thanks to Robyn Hussa and Mental Fitness Inc for being so open, receptive and collaborative with us – we love you! And thank you, yes YOU, every single person reading this… thank you for every retweet, share, comment and post. We love you all and we are so excited to launch year two!

New ShirtsAlso, with our second year launching, we decided we needed to launch some new swag. Marie has designed these two amazing t-shirt logos. We will be taking orders starting NOW! Click to download our new order form and email it in to us whenever it is complete:

UDI ProDUCKS Order Form and check out our ProDUCKS page for more info on shipping costs, etc (please note that the writing on ALL shirts must be the same colour – white – so please consider this when you are choosing your colour)!

Much love, much happiness and here’s to all the Ugly Ducklings everywhere!

swan out– Erin


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