Nomination to the Shorty Awards for Ugly Ducklings Inc

Banner, a special thanks

Wow! We are so honoured to hear we have been nominated for a SHORTY AWARD on Twitter! Thank you so much Hannah (one of the first brave girls that wrote an Ugly Duckling Story for the site) who had a hand in getting us nominated.

promo for the shorty awards

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For those of you who don’t know, the Shorty Awards “honor the best of social media. They recognize the people and organizations producing great, impactful content on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Foursquare and the rest of the social web”. We feel truly privileged to be nominated for such an awesome thing.

We’ve been nominated in the following category: Keep Good Going. We are so pleased to have inspired you in this category. Thanks again!

If you’re interested in voting for us, and you have a Twitter account click this link. (Don’t forget to fill in a reason WHY you’re voting for us)

Thanks in advance for the support! Quack quack, Ugly Ducklings!

– Swan Out

Erin & Marie


2 thoughts on “Nomination to the Shorty Awards for Ugly Ducklings Inc

  1. I voted for you! ;)
    You really do a great job and give some much love and hope to all the little ducklings of the earth! Thanks to help all of us becoming beautiful swans! You deserve so much to be nominated and more than anything else, you deserve to win! ♥

    We love you! ♥

    • Hi Julie! thank you so very much for your support. We have found so many great people who have decided to vote for us, and we are more than grateful for all the love. We are all making a change…you too. <3

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