Grey’s Anatomy’s April: “I’m a swan”

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At the first mention of the word “ducky” on Grey’s Anatomy last Thursday night, I smiled and thought “I’ll have to think of a tweet to share that with the Ugly Ducklings”.

At first, I thought the nickname the character April (played by actress Sarah Drew) had been given by her three sisters who we meet for the first time in this episode was just something cute. “Ducky”. I’ve heard lots of nicknames like this. Perhaps she used to love ducks. Perhaps she loved “The Land Before Time”.

My childhood nickname comes from three movies that I watched over and over again that all had the same name in them. I assumed this was something Shonda Rhimes, creator and writer for Grey’s Anatomy, was trying to do.

But I should have known better. Shonda Rhimes doesn’t do anything arbitrarily, and of course, this nickname opened up an opportunity for this character to grow and stand up for herself.

It turns out, April’s sisters gave her this nickname because she was the “ugly duckling” growing up. She was different from them, but like so many of us, when she was a young woman.

But not anymore… check out this clip of April finally standing up for herself. Listen to her words. Is she a swan or what?

Thank you, Shonda Rhimes for writing this into the show. This is brilliant, and it’s exactly the message we are trying to spread: life is about becoming, being different isn’t bad, and everyone will become the beautiful swan they are meant to become.

– Erin J

PS: The badge you saw above is all over our Swans page. And you can visit it and read stories by our brave ducklings. Click here.

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