Long afternoons with amazing children

A thousand smiles banner | Activities with the foundationTheir eyes seemed to speak. Shy, quiet. They squinted every time they looked up and stared at our faces.

We were kind of nervous too, as we watched that huge field with kids playing soccer, others at little merry-go-rounds. Some of them were running all around, and others were coloring.

Oh, here they are!

Kids coloring ducklings and snails

The Emmanuel Foundation, located near La Plata, in Argentina, is a non-profit organization where they teach, and take care of children, whenever their parents can’t afford to do so. They don’t give them for adoption, but simply make sure that the child is in good care before their family can support them.

Marie, from Ugly Ducklings Inc

Vero, me, and our silly faces

The day was September 1, and we celebrated the National Children’s Day…

But before I get into that, let me tell you about why I went there.

When I was in high school, and in the Scouts association, I had the chance to go to different places (Senior Retirement Homes, Schools for young boys who had broken the law, the city dump, the women’s prison, and the Psychiatric hospital, among others) and it made me realize how lucky I was for having the life I had.

So, when my friend Veronica invited me to go, I answered with a resounding YES!

And guess what the first thought that came to my mind was? I’ll go there as an Ugly Duckling!

Ok, now back to Children’s Day. Once the nervous feelings were gone, we (volunteers, coordinators and attendees) started playing with the kids, cheering them up.

I took the opportunity to make a fool out of myself at the potato sack race!

fun with the kids at the foundation

The weather was so perfect we couldn’t believe it. It was supposed to be a cold day but the sun came out and we could all enjoy the games so much more. To see the smiles on all those kids’ faces. There are no words to describe how great that feels, greater than eating the most scrumptious ice-cream you could ever taste. 

My friends and I were so pleased after having done this, that… well… WE WANTED MORE!  

We wanted to go back.

And the way to do it was with… 

A soccer championship, and a dance session!

We also had time to make paper airplanes, boats, and even an inflatable paper ball! Some of us, after finishing dancing, started cheering up for the teams that were playing. And right before the foundation gave them a snack (chocolate milk and cookies) we gave away the trophies to the winning team. As you can see, the Ugly Ducklings Inc t-shirt was with me all the time!

Activities with the kids from the foundation

Hugs, kisses, more hugs, and then a couple of smiles, plus lots of ‘thank you’s’. Two amazing days doing wonderful things for these guys who have nothing but love to give.

Tell us if you’re doing something similar and we’ll have you featuring one of our blog posts!!

– Marie,

The Tail Shaker.
The Ugly Ducklings Inc's swan


4 thoughts on “Long afternoons with amazing children

  1. That’s amazing! When you are Bat Mitzvah’d at my temple you have to do some sort of community service, so I once helped out a a soccer program for special needs kids :).

    • Yay…it just makes you feel so wonderful after you spend some time with them and get to share fun times, and see them smile. It’s just the best feeling! Hope you get more chances to do similar things! <3

  2. That’s wonderful. I haven’t heard of anything like that around here, it would be wonderful. I think that it’s great that there are people out there that go out of their way to help others. I personally can’t do a whole lot, but try when I can. I am part of my school’s Amnesty group. We only have a few members but we are still doing our part. I think it’s awesome that you helped out, it looks like it was a fun day for all involved!

    • Hi Allanah. Thank you for your amazing feedback. It was so much fun. We just couldn’t wait to go back there and play with all those awesome kids. The foundation is doing such a great job with them that it was our pleasure to go and contribute. I hope you get to do something amazing for your community, and that you share it with us. Much love!

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