Let us be there for you

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Hello Ugly Ducklings

These past few weeks I have been working on something very special for you. I would like to introduce to you, the Resource Page.

What is it you ask?

The Resource Page is designed to give you help, because let’s face it, sometimes we need someone else to give us a hand every once in a while. And that is okay.

Since The Ugly Ducklings can be there for you to support you and send you encouraging words and heartfelt advice, we wanted to add a page that had some professional resources for you to turn into, if you ever need them.

You will notice that it has all kinds of numbers and websites with information on things such as bullying, abuse, self-harm, and many more.

Perhaps you don’t need this (and that would mean a huge *phew* for us), but if someone you know is going through a tough time, then the Resource Page will assist them.

I know that it can be hard asking for help, but please be aware that The Ugly Ducklings are here if you need us. It’s never too late to turn around.

Please take a look at the contents of the page, and feel free to let us know if there are any more resources you would like us to add (especially if you are from a country other than Canada, the UK or the US).

Click here.


PS: Mariah is one of Ugly Ducklings Inc’s assistants, and is in charge of this page. If you need any extra help, or have questions, leave us a message. 


2 thoughts on “Let us be there for you

  1. i think its great that your doing this kind of stuff, i know its not uncommon for people of any age to be suffering from anxiety or depression or any other mental illness, so its wonderfull to see a community doing things like this

    • Thank you Allanah, It really is wonderfull. People need help everyday and I’m so glad that the Ugly Ducklings Inc. Is a safe place where people can find healing for whatever they are going through.

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