Prize packs donation, Mental Fitness Inc

Hey Ugly Ducklings & Charmers!

I’m sure you have ALL been wondering what exactly you could win if your name is drawn for #OperationNORMAL!  In case you’re just hearing about this for the first time – Ugly Ducklings Inc has two amazing prize packs to give away to a lucky winner of our #OperationNORMAL draws.  

There are two prize packs and all you have to do to get entered is donate $5 to MENTAL FITNESS INC via their IndieGOGO campaign or via this link (For every $5 you donate, you’ll get one ticket for one of tUDPackhe draws – just let us know which one.  If you donate $20, you’ll get five tickets!). Deadline: September 30th. And remember to send proof of your donation to uglyducklingsinc@gmail.com.

Here’s the Ugly Ducklings prize pack!

This prize pack includes a beautiful 8×10 autographed photo sent straight to us by Jennifer Morrison, an Ugly Ducklings t-shirt (there are a few to choose from, we’ll let you know what we have once the winner is chosen), a 2012 FanExpo CTV “Emma Swan” button (approx 1.5″ round) and some other Ugly Ducklings stuff (stickers, a “Keep Calm” poster in any colour you want, a keychain/charm and possibly some other goodies).  This pack will also include an exclusive t-shirt made just for you by an amazing t-shirt artist (read more about this below!)

Check out the Charmers prize pack!

ChPrizepackThere are still parts of this prize pack that are en route to my house, but so far, we have a handsome looking autographed 8×10 from Josh Dallas, a 2012 FanExpo CTV “Charming” button (approx 1.5″ circle), two wristbands including a #CharmAttack and #Snowing and a “Keep Calm” poster in any colour you wish.  This prize pack also includes a wonderful Charmers t-shirt that is en route (see photo below) and an exclusive t-shirt (read more below). shirt-charm-attack

We have a lot of people to thank for helping gather these amazing prizes!  Firstly, a huge thank you to Jennifer Morrison for responding to quickly through her busy filming/appearance schedule and getting the autographed photo mailed out so quickly.  We really appreciate all that she does for this movement.  Another thank you to my co-founder, Marie, who donated the Josh Dallas autographed photo to this incredible cause after she won it in an online video contest!  Anthony (@AnthonyHolic) and Shannon (@SurgTechShay) have been a huge help in spreading the word and donating parts of the Charmers prize pack.    A great eBay user agreed to donate extra FanExpo buttons to us – thank you Steve for that.

943604_454464017978828_1988672290_nThe exclusive t-shirts that were mentioned are going to be amazing.  Heather, an artist, photographer and all around awesome person from Ontario, Canada has offered to make us awesome shirts.  They will be made JUST for the winners and will have something to do with Supporting Mental Fitness.  Heather is also the talent who made the Ugly Ducklings keychain/charm pictured in the prize pack!  Check out her facebook for more about her business and to see some examples!

A HUGE shout out and THANK YOU to everyone who has already donated!

Also, we wanted to let you all know about another fundraising endeavour that the Charmers are currently doing – they have been so supportive of what we are doing and we love what they’re doing as well.  Check out this link to find out more about what cause they’re raising money for!

– Swan Out!



4 thoughts on “#OperationNORMAL

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  3. Great details on the prize packages! I am so glad I could have been of help with the raising of money for the fund! You guys are doing a terrific job!!!!!

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