Operation Normal Update


What IS Operation NORMAL?

Our last blog was a quick announcement explaining Operation NORMAL, but we have updated the contest, so here is some new information.

What is it?  Operation NORMAL is a raffle for two amazing prize packs.  100% goes to Mental Fitness Inc.

Captura de pantalla 2013-08-30 a la(s) 22.06.07What are the prizes?   We have two amazing prize packs!  One is a “Charmers” prize pack and includes an autographed photo of Josh Dallas, a Charmers wristband, magnets and a t-shirt.  The other is an “Ugly Ducklings” prize pack and includes an autographed photo of Jennifer Morrison, Ugly Ducklings accessories and magnets and an exclusive t-shirt.IMG_0596croprbrightSM

How do I win?   Enter the draw for a chance to win!  To get entered in the draw for one of these awesome prize packs, what you have to do is simple:

1. Donate a minimum of $5 to Mental Fitness Inc (tickets are $5 or five for $20)
2. Send proof of your donation (either forward your receipt or do a screenshot of it) to uglyducklingsinc@gmail.com
3. Include your name and what prize pack you want your tickets to be in (or how many you want per prize pack)

That’s it!  $5!  That’s about what most people spend at Starbucks on their coffee every morning; and this is going towards an amazing cause – check out our interview with the CEO and Founder of Mental Fitness Inc to find out more about the amazing and important work this organization does everyday!

There are TWO ways to donate to Mental Fitness Inc.  First, you can support their Indiegogo campaign here: if you take this avenue, you get some extra perks from MFI.  Second, you can support them as an Ugly Duckling here: this avenue gives you the option of getting a tax-receipt for your donation!

UPDATE: When we started this raffle, we set a minimum goal of $100 per prize pack and we set the Charmers and the Ugly Ducklings in a friendly competition to see who would reach their goal first.  Here are where the standings are at the end of day two…


HUGE thanks to everyone who has donated and congratulations to the Ugly Ducklings who have reached and surpassed their goal!   BUT… the competition is NOT over yet.  We’re wondering who is going to raise the most amount of money for Mental Fitness Inc.   Will it be Josh Dallas’ charming charmers or Jennifer Morrison’s beautiful swans?  Keep donating and we’ll keep updating!

We love you, Ugly Ducklings (and we love the Charmers too!)

swan out

– Erin


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