Sitting Ducks with Robyn Hussa Farrell

Interview with Robyn Hussa, Mental Fitness Inc
Erin and I recently had the opportunity to be sitting ducks with Robyn Hussa, the CEO and Founder of NORMAL Nonprofit.

We just love Robyn and as you may know, Ugly Ducklings Inc has supported NORMAL from our take-off and we are so thrilled to have gotten this time with her so everyone can learn more about what her organization does.

We started the interview the way any interview should start… getting to know Robyn with a little “Swans Revealed”! She told us about Audrey Hepburn and how she got inspired by her.

Robyn runs a multifaceted organization. In part 1 of our chat, you’ll find out how NORMAL got started, how we got to know about them (thanks to Meghan Ory’s contribution), and what types of things they are combating in American schools.

We know that many of our Ugly Ducklings and Swans struggle with issues like self-harm, eating disorders, and bullying at home and school. We asked Robyn a vital question: what are healthy coping mechanisms? She had some really helpful things to say!

Finally, Robyn answered some of YOUR questions, and there was a touching moment, after we asked Robyn how Ugly Ducklings could contribute. Plus, a bonus part where she explains all about how to get the script of NORMAL the musical.

– Marie and – Erin

new contest donation | Normal In Schools
Josh Dallas photographGOODY DRAW: Mental Fitness Inc. (formerly NORMAL) is committed to helping all the Ugly Ducklings out there become Swans, and are currently focused on developing the first ever Mental Fitness Institute in the US.

Being entered in this contest is simple: make a minimum donation of $5 to Mental Fitness Inc’s new Indiegogo campaign.

  • For every $5 you donate, your name will be entered in a draw for the Charmers pack or the Ugly Ducklings pack!

If you want to be entered, just email proof of your donation (forward us the confirmation email, or do a sceenshot) to


12 thoughts on “Sitting Ducks with Robyn Hussa Farrell

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  5. Thank you so much Robyn for making time in your busy schedule to have a chat with Marie and Erin! I think it’s of great importance that our community members get a clear view on what it is that NORMAL/Mental Fitness Inc. does and in what way you guys help so many people.

    Although I might not be a ‘tradtional’ Ugly Duckling, I do understand the necessity for an organisation like this, as I see so many kids and young adults around me suffering from several different mental health issues. Although I live in the Netherlands and not in the United States, I do believe that our cultures are fairly similar, and the results of that are therefore also fairly similar. A lot of pressure is being put on children these days, which is hard in particular for some of them.

    It’s fantastic work that you guys do, and so extremely important that I hope that others will follow your lead and do the same. I’m grateful and proud to be part of this amazing community, and extremely happy that Marie and Erin decided to support your organisation. We’ll keep spreading the word about Mental Fitness Inc, that’s for sure.

    Finally, I wanted to thank you so much for answering my question. I believe that there’re great things ahead of you, and I can’t wait to hear about them.

    Much love, Maaike

    P.s. As a musical theatre lover and player, I was extremely excited to hear about how the idea for this organisation arised. I would’ve loved to see the show.

    • Hi Maaike! thank you for your comment. I hope Robyn can come for a few minutes to read what everyone’s written. We’re hoping that people know that they can acquire a licensed copy of the musical to stage it! All the best my friend xx

  6. Thank you Robyn for your vision and for the work you do. You said that you believe in the hope that Cinderella contains, but know that through your tireless efforts, you provide hope as well! Much love to you and your continued contributions to the world!

  7. I think it is a great job what they are doing, being bullied, and being a bully is not a nice way to coexist..I think what this organization does has to be international, since it is a world ” desease” …but a great great start!! Thanks for the interview !!

    • Hello Ana! Let me say *thank YOU* for your comment and for taking time to check the interview. You are right when you say it’s a great organization.

      Let’s just hope that, with our help and the help of many others, lots of things can be done to create mentally fit children. All the best, and thank you for your comments.

  8. that was amazing and so inspiring. its a great feeling to know that there are organizations out there like mental fitness inc that try and help with these issues. so many people these days generalize or stereotype mental illnesses but they are all different for how people reacts or cope with them and so many people use it as an insult or that say they have this mental illness when in truth its just that they are sad or have a bad day it degrades when people actually have them. i am great full to be part of a community such as the ugly ducklings that work in corroboration with a group that’s working to help change this.

    • Hi Allanah! it’s always a great thing to see your comments and feedback. So thank you once again. I love that you noticed the difference between all the different mental illnesses and how they need to be treated differently. We are REALLY happy to have you as part of our community as well. Thank you for everything you do. Lots of love.

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