Our Interview with Vasavi Kumar

Earlier this week, Marie & I had the chance to interview Vasavi Kumar… educated and certificate Life Coach who co-authored a best-selling book and has her own television segment. We were so excited for the chance to talk to Vasavi about confidence. Check out the interview and be sure to connect with Vasavi through her website vasavikumar.com


3 thoughts on “Our Interview with Vasavi Kumar

  1. I had absolute deja vu of this interview this morning in church when the guy speaking today said something like “a lot of people are fine with doing everything except that one thing… and that one thing they are not okay with doing is the ONE thing they NEED to do!” Thanks again, Vasavi!

  2. Okay, she’s awesome! :D I couldn’t agree with her more: even though you’re scared to death, just take the step and do it! I’ve learnt that over the years, and it has made me so much more confident than I was ever before. I really try to live by this as best as possible. And if people say you can’t do something, you just HAVE to do it! Yes! I completely agree!

    And I don’t know if Vasavi will read this, but thank you so much for answering my question!

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