Are you waiting for the right moment to come? Don’t!

how can I be happy?

You can fast foward the video if you want, and only watch the beginning and the end…

A friend from work sent me this. The really weird thing about him showing me the video is that I was having a really hard time with this thing I had to do at work. Oh, you want to know what I do? I’m basically a proofreader. And it’s really easy to doze off and miss a comma here and there.

I don’t know if you’ve heard the word millenial before, but I bet all the money in the world (which I clearly don’t have) that you haven’t.

It’s basically us…you and me, you who is there reading, and me, who is writing it.

Are you already thinking about the office where you’re going to work? Is it going to be a 9-to-5 desk work, where you sit in front of the computer all day? or perhaps you’re envisioning yourself at a courtroom, where you’re the prosecutor and you’re giving your arguments to the jury and the judge?…

  • What if you’re envisioning yourself as a backup dancer for this huge new superstar?
  • What if you see yourself taking photographs of the wildlife in the Antarctic, or in the Mongolian steppes?
  • What if you see yourself inside a laboratory, looking at Petri dishes and getting close to finding what you were looking for?
the mongolian steppes

Mongolian Steppe!

It can be any of those things, or even others, like being a housewife, a government employee, a funky fashion designer, a pastor, the owner of the cutest B&B in Alkmaar, Netherlands; a mechanic, or a UN interpreter

What I mean with all this is that, it doesn’t really matter what you want to become, as long as you are doing¬†what really makes you happy, and do it sooner than later.

Try to close your eyes, and try to bring a smile to your face by thinking of what you most love to do in the whole world. What do you want to achieve? What makes you happy and also brings food to your table?

Sidenote: I sometimes wish money didn’t exist, because we would be happy, doing what we loved, without caring about how much you need to treat yourself with going to the restaurant.

Anyways, you know what I’m trying to say with this. And, if you ask me? It took me a while to do what made me happy, and I had to skip a couple of muddy puddles and leave some barbed wires behind to actually do things for ME! things that I REALLY wanted to do. And Ugly Ducklings Inc is one of the adventures that is making me joyous RIGHT NOW.

I’m 28, and I just started, but you can begin way before I did. Just stop planning, and DO.

And watch this, too! d:

-Swan Out
Marie, The Tail Shaker.


8 thoughts on “Are you waiting for the right moment to come? Don’t!

  1. You know this post couldn’t have come in a better moment!! you are totally right about everything! I was sacred of doing the things I like or even say them like sing or dance or act… and TOMORROW i’m buying an organ with all the money i save! and my classes starts next month, i’m also singing in front of people (that’s a huge step for me) so I am happy and this is just the begining!!

    • my awesome Gabbi! I’m sooo happy for you! really, like, I want to jump up and down right now.

      I wish someone had done this when I was your age. I really regret not having started being truly happy when I was younger.

      SO KEEP ON! we’ll be here to support you…all of us!! Please keep us posted! XO – Marie

      • Thanks for the support girls!! I’m extremely happy right now! I already bought the organ it’s like a dream come true! you’re awsome girls! xx

  2. EXACTLY! That’s exactly the point! Would I ever think that I would be able to live in another country for six months when you would’ve asked me a few years ago? Never! I already felt miserable and homesick after having to leave my family for a few nights. But I have loved to travel since the age of, I don’t know, 0? At least as long as I can remember. (Very contradictionary, I know. I’m a complicated person my friends!:P)

    But I took the leap of faith and went to study international tourism management and consultancy, a study I knew I wanted to do since I was 8. The thing was, that I knew that in my second year I needed to go on this fieldtrip to Asia for one month. A thought that terrified me. And a year later, I was supposed to do a placement ABROAD, for SIX months! I thought I would drop out or something when the time would come. But I didn’t. I actually went on both journeys and it brought me so much! First and foremost I can treasure all the amazing and memorable experiences I was lucky enough to have. But secondly, I completely overcome the homesickness. After both of these experiences, I feel much stronger and I’m so grateful for it all.

    This means that it seriously is a good thing to go work in a field you love, cause it brings you so many amazing things. As I’ll be graduating this summer, I will probably go take a master study business communication and digital media next year and the year after, and hopefully get a job in a PR, communication or marketing department of a tourism-related company later. (Or maybe pursue my other passion: acting and theatre.. who knows…?)

    • the really important thing, in my opinion, is to really try it out. I mean, if you don’t try, how do you know you’ll make it? or how do you get to test yourself to see if you’re really good at it?

      Sometimes we have dreams that we just know they’re dreams and that’s it. But sometimes you say to yourself: hey, I want to try this out and see how it goes. If you don’t let your heart and mind speak and go down the path they show you, you’ll be even more miserable.

      It happened to me, and that’s why I’m saying it. And you have to trust that whenever it happens, it will be the right time. I wish it had happened before, but it’s ok. The good thing is that…I.Am.Happy (: XO – Marie

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