Here’s to fate

Here's to fate, and to all the ugly ducklings
The clinking tune of a song was resounding in my head…

How far up the river
Would you go, would you go
To meet me again?

At that same instant I gazed out the bus window to see the beautiful, warm sun that was setting on the horizon.

“I must be crazy. But I’m already here, so what the heck”.

The bus stopped and started moving again. One hour passed by…women with children and their faintly ragged clothes were getting on, while older men with black leather jackets and a tangy smell of cigarette smoke were getting off at the next stop.

We had left the city a long time ago and my heart was racing, mainly because I was going through streets I’d never seen, streets that normally would make me feel nervous if I passed them or drove through them -and therefore my heart was feeling weaker and jumpier-. But it was also racing because the idea kept going round and round my head.

Is it possible that the universe conspired in such a way that I could only be minutes away from seeing her, after years of staring at her through a cold, inanimate object, such as a TV screen?

I was almost a wreck. And I could feel I was minutes away from the airport.

Getting there and running to the arrivals gate felt like an eternity. I had already lost hope. It was too late, is what I kept saying to myself…

Ugly Ducklings and Jennifer MorrisonBut then it happened. May 9th, 2012. After two hours and a half of riding a bus, after some pages of a book, and listening to Cathedral, Elephant Gun, Bring On The Night, and other great tunes, your Ugly Ducklings Inc founder was standing right in front of Jennifer Morrison.

Thank you May 9th, 2012. It was that day, that photograph, that moment that brought us all here.

I met you, because of those 30 seconds of exchange of words. And if you’re wondering if I made a fool out of myself in that life-altering moment…ha! where should I deposit the $10,000?

jennifer morrison as dr cameronDid you know that back in the [H]ouse days, the characters of Chase, Cameron, and Foreman were referred to as The Ducklings? It all falls magically into place…

It was Jennifer Morrison’s portrayal of Allison Cameron what drew me to her talents. She was kind of an ugly duckling there, because she was out of place. That’s what House said in one of the very first episodes. She could have been a model because of her beauty, and yet she was still trying to be a doctor and be the best at it.

 And then came Once Upon A Time and all the magic that was innately present in this show. As episodes went by, Jennifer’s character, Emma Swan, was showing many layers of pain, of abandonment, of wanting to fit in and understand these new people and situations she had never experienced before. Her character was, once again, someone who felt different from the rest.

And that’s when it clicked.

Jennifer Morrison as Emma SwanSometimes they tell you that watching TV is useless and a waste of time. But that really depends on you. And all this time, I wanted to make something, to bring out something special from scenes and words coming out of the screen.

Almost a year later, after reading Jen’s tweets about why she chose the name The Ugly Ducklings, after designing the logo, and finding someone who felt drawn to creating this movement (that is my co-founder, but most of all my friend, Erin J) I am here, writing this, and you are there…reading it.

There’s something more than just writing pretty words as a result of what your heart feels. Humans have created machines in order to give life to new, important, life-altering things that have become part of our daily lives now.

That’s partly the reason why Ugly Ducklings Inc exists. It’s the product of something bigger, or actually, the idea of creating something much more important, and that tries to transcend words.

This is just the beginning and we’re hoping to help, encourage and keep on working with this great initiative for many years.

Here’s to these first steps. Here’s to that song I heard. Here’s to crazy hunches. Here’s to fate. Here’s to kindness.

Swan Out.


swan out marie


4 thoughts on “Here’s to fate

  1. Wow that’s amazing I didn’t know that you got to meet her, you are so lucky I would give anything to meet her and the rest of the cast. But its so cool how this inspired you The Ugly Ducklings is an amazing movement and I’m so happy that you were able to create it!!

    • It’s marvelous, isn’t it Mariah? how certain things and people can help you change? I think it’s a gift that I had got the chance to meet her and I don’t regret a single bit of that crazy hunch! I hope you can meet them. And hey! I’m glad you’re a part of this. Big hugs!

  2. Wow. Is all I can say! I have no words. Reading that made me feel like I was there with you, Marie. And my heart was beating realy fast! So strange, I dont know why.. probably because you can sense the love you have for her. And because I felt the same feeling, when I flew to another state to see one of my idols, Ellen. It would have been absolutely breathtaking seeing her in person! I’m so happy you got to meet her! :) Did you hug? Did she say anything to you? You have to let me know! Oh gosh, I know what you mean when you say you probably said something embarrassing! Haha I’ve been there!
    Anyway, that’s just awesome. Incredible.

    • Hi Ash. Thank you so much for reading this. Don’t you think sometimes words are so much more than that? I guess it’s because they carry a bit of our hearts with them. I’m sure we’ve felt the same thing, this excitement that overpowers you and you don’t know what to do with it. You feel like you’re invincible.

      All the roads I’ve taken after that moment led me to where I am now. I’ve met so many kind souls, and they are the ones who have pushed me to be better. I couldn’t be more grateful. I’ll surely tell you more details of our mini encounter when we get the chance (: much love to you, friend xx

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