Uckly Dugglings

Ugly Ducklings misspelled

We never thought o

wait, let me rephrase that…

*I* never thought that Ugly Ducklings would be so difficult to pronounce! I have to say something first though, that happened to me when I lived in Canada while studying a semester of my Major in English Teaching.

I remember I was in Education Technologies class (gah! boring!) and suddenly I turned my head and lowered my eyes to read what my fellow classmate was writing. And suddenly, I could clearly see that she wrote something like this:

Students must be engaged in groupwerk whenever is possible. But individual activities are also encouraged.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, and I kept saying to myself: “how could I, a speaker of English as a second language, be better at writing words correctly than a native person?”

And then, after much thinking and reflecting, I got to the conclusion which I still hold to dearly today.

Anyway, all these silly words I wrote (which actually made me waste some minutes of my precious time, and yours, too…sorry) are just a way to introduce these next couple of minutes of audio.

One of our bevies and friends, OncePodcast, gave Ugly Ducklings Inc. a shout out after the co-founders decided to sponsor one of their episodes. We both have been avid listeners of their fun podcast and we thought it would be great to give something back for all the effort they put into it.

And well, finally, after all the expectation, after listening to the theories, the comments, the laughs while the episode was on, came the moment of truth. The moment we were waiting for, our 15 minutes of fame (ha!). And… well… I’ll leave you with Daniel, the CEO rockstar of the podcast:

Still laughing? I am (and I’ve listened to it a couple of times now). After listening to him I started doubting if I was pronouncing it right. Hehe. Just kidding! we couldn’t be more grateful for those 1:36 minutes, because besides promoting our site, he did it in the funniest, greatest way.

And I couldn’t finish this without inviting you all to check their live Wednesday podcasts | Clean Comedy, and Once Upon A Time.

Hope you had enjoyed this silly silly post.

The Ugly Ducklings Inc's swan

– The tail shaker


2 thoughts on “Uckly Dugglings

    • Hi Daniel! It was incredible to hear you promoting our site. We had so much fun on that episode and we couldn’t believe it was actually happening. We can’t wait to sponsor another epi…I really want to get that chance again!
      Tail shaker out… (:

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