NORMAL in Schools and us

Ugly Ducklings Inc, Normal in Schools
Ugly is NORMAL

Does it sound strange?

Those two words, I mean… you may think they don’t look well together because you ‘may’ think that ugly is not normal. But actually, IT TRULY IS.

One of the objectives we were aiming at when we created The Ugly Ducklings was that we wanted to partner with an organization that was striving for the well-being and empowerment of young girls and boys (or older people too, like me?) to know that there is nothing wrong with them.

Yep. Nothing’s wrong with you!

As for how we came across NORMAL in Schools, I’d say it was because of Meghan Ory‘s (plays Little Red Riding Hood/the wolf/Ruby in Storybrooke – Once Upon A Time) tweet a while ago, where she auctioned an autographed script to benefit this wonderful organization. We felt that this movement could walk right beside NORMAL and now we’re holding hands.

ugly ducklings inc, normal in schoolsHere’s the blog post where Robyn Hussa, Founder and CEO of NORMAL in Schools nonprofit mentions us and tells the community that we have joined NORMAL on their RealDeal program, which is one of the top body image and self-acceptance sites featuring more than 40 contributors.

The next day we tweeted the news to Jennifer Morrison, and she could not have said it better.

If she thought it was wonderful news, then we couldn’t be happier, and more excited about this adventure we’re in now.

jennifer morrison ugly ducklings inc

The challenge awaits, and we’ll keep working. Together with the rest of the Ugly Ducklings, we’ll try and do the best we can. 

Quack quack!

As you can see, the logical conclusion after this post is that Ugly IS NORMAL!

– the tail shaker


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